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We are a North American Company focused on removing IT headaches.  From challenging IT staffing to optimizing business processes through technology.

We focus on creating an outstanding end-user experience and increasing the overall business value through our 3 core services:

  • Looking after our customers’ business applications, with a special focus on productivity and responsiveness to the end user.
  • Optimizing and digitizing entire business workflows, making them simple and measurable.
  • Placing hard-to-find technology talent either on-site, or at our remote NearShore center, which eliminates time-zone hassles.

We are a proud ServiceNow Certified Partner and License reseller.  The Cloud-based enterprise service that modernizes and transforms IT processes.

We love technology and we make IT simple!

What makes us different?

  • We are a Real, Raw and Relevant company.  When you work with us you know exactly what you will get, and how will you get it.
  • We have over 9 years of solid experience working across North America.
  • Responsiveness and personalized service.
  • Our company culture and values are unique in the marketplace, creating a highly driven team of warriors who will deliver!
  • Because even the best warrior needs a strategy, we created a robust methodology to ensure quality in our deliverables.
  • On-going improvement. We work with the emerging and legacy technologies that your business and the market demand.
  • Location! – Not only in Real Estate, but also for IT, where we deliver matters.

So, our culture, our people, and our location make us stand out!

Sintesys, make it SIMPLE!

About us


We embrace projects that ADD value through technology


Be the technology innovation epicenter that IMPROVES mankind quality of life.

Our Values

We always do what we say and say what we do.
We take calculated risks. We make mistakes, and learn from them.
We stimulate the good idea generation and emotion with kindness in mind
We don’t just do the job, we go way above and beyond!
We are creative and innovative, and have the energy and persistence to transform our ideas into reality.


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Our Team
Over 40 success- oriented warriors!


  • The Next Level Experience
    Our Customer, Raul Villacis, The Nex Level Experience CEO shares his experience with Sintesys.
    “Thanks to our partnership with Sintesys, we got the right skill set pool of talents to provide top quality service to our customers. Sintesys also helped us implement the right IT processes with the right tools to provide the best service support” - Carlos Rocha


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