Here is Jake’s success story

Jake B. is one of our customers, he is the IT Director of a Real Estate company.

When we met, he was struggling with the amount of issues he had to solve on a daily basis. He served as a hub for assigning resources to quickly solve IT requirements from simple Excel pivot tables, to crashed down critical applications.

Jake’s company had a group of IT professionals outsourced in Mumbai. They typically did a fair job, but to Jake, the fact that the team members changed frequently, made follow up an extra load of work for him, especially when he had to adapt to different time zone schedules to meet and solve issues. On top of this, he had to cope with very unsatisfying feedback from his internal customers that definitely felt IT was not responding to their needs at all.

He was clearly not getting anywhere under this circumstances.  Jake was becoming just a “fire handler” more than a strategic IT executive…. He decided to make a move, he contacted us!

This is what Sintesys team did:

-          Applied our unique methodology to better understand the business processes. Mapped and identified better ways to “connect the dots”. All departments now know how to proceed when IT is involved.

-          Implemented ServiceNow as the solution to manage end user requirements, instead of never-ending email chains.

-          Placed a steady and professional team of outsourced IT professionals in the same time zone schedule. Now meetings are in regular hours and follow-up is just like a 5-minute conversation.

Happy ending, right? Get in touch with us today and transform the way IT is done in your company.

No project is too big or too small, we SIMPLY resolve IT issues at all scales!

We are a certified ServiceNow Licencing Partner! We focus on creating an outstanding end-user experience and increasing the overall business value through our 3 core services:

  • Looking after our customers’ business applications, with a special focus on productivity and responsiveness to the end user.
  • Optimizing and Digitizing entire business workflows, making them simple and measurable.
  • Placing hard-to-find technology talent either on-site, or at our remote NearShore center, which eliminates time-zone hassles.

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