IT Agility in mind…

Service agility is about automating the provisioning and management of cloud resources for public (AWS, Azure)  and private (VMware) cloud infrastructure. Complex multi-system, manual tasks are replaced with automated processes that are repeatable, secure, compliant, and scalable. ServiceNow can help IT regain control of shadow IT efforts through a streamlined approach that  translates into less disruption and broken schedules, on-time deliverables, improved internal customer satisfaction, and cost savings.

  • Most orchestration players offer cloud provisioning, but lack automation and integration with a single system of record. ServiceNow automates provisioning and shows consumption of resources to get hold of shadow IT efforts.
  • ServiceNow tears down the silos of miscommunication and combines application development and deployment into a more streamlined, consistent process to meet market demands, ensure release expectations, and scale existing processes for business growth.
  • ServiceNow helps reduce cycle time to speed good ideas to releasable value. It offers utilization metrics, as well as business KPIs, so ROI can be calculated.

Sintesys is a ServciceNow license reseller with presence in all North America, either on site or remote implementations are our specialty.

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