IT Transformation made SIMPLE!

When companies are set to go through the IT transformation, typically stress comes along the way. All departments need assurance that their applications will continue to run smoothly, reporting will not be affected, communication will not be interrupted, in other words, business will continue running.

Our experience has demonstrated that to be assertive at the moment of implementing new technologies that take companies forward, having the right talent is key to success.  It has repeatedly happened that this transformation process is handled by the internal IT teams. Nothing bad about this route, except, IT teams often get overflowed handling both, the ongoing business management, and implementing the new technologies and understanding the flows.

We propose a SIMPLE solution when setting up to transform IT! As we understand where companies want to go, we gather up a team of dedicated and experienced professionals that will take care of the transformation, run tests, fix upcoming issues, and then deliver a full working system. After we phase out, we remain “as shadow” for as long as the company feels comfortable to take full control.

Technology changes fast- very fast- companies need to keep up, Sintesys is here to make IT SIMPLE!

GET IN TOUCH WITH US! Put your IT Transformation in our hands.

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