We certainly embrace the concept of respecting and embracing our employees at Sintesys. We are continuously encouraging open channels to listen from them. We are sure you do the same.

That simple component of listening to your teams, is certainly one way of motivation. But, we know that should not just stay there, some actions shall always been taken in order to demonstrate the organization is actually listening.

So, how many times have your employees been vocal about internal processes to be slow or responsiveness times are just not compliant with their expectations? Not just once, right? Yes, we’ve all heard this before, but what has been done about it? Perhaps improving teamwork, or extra meetings, or open source software, or other. Yes, we all are doing the best we can.

But what if there was another way, a better way… you wouldn’t believe it, but there actually is a better solution, that will represent lower costs, and will improve your team’s performance.

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