What is NearShore Outsourcing?

Is an effective way of staffing that transfers business or IT Processes to companies in nearby countries within same time zones.

NearShore is rapidly becoming a common practice in organizations in the USA, why?


Frequent Communication- NearShore offers same working schedules and real time conversations, and high interaction, removing the annoyance of waiting for people on the other side of the world to respond… when you need an answer NOW!

Cultural Affinity- Anything that prevents good communication is an issue, but cultural design differences often bring business roadblocks.

Effective Project Management– Businesses run better with NearShore due to the close interaction, and implementation speed. Things happen faster, and with no surprises.

Total Cost of Ownership - Traditional offshoring adds costs related to complexity and coordination of services.

Staff Turnover - Organizations have a huge interest on keeping outsourced staff from start to end of projects.  NearShore offers low attrition rates which allows results to happen the way they were planned.

nearshore1Our Nearshore Center offers:
- State of the art delivery center
- Redundant connectivity
- BCP/DRP Site
- Biometrics
- Need more?.... ask us!


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