Painkiller for Outsourcing Offshore

As the world has evolved, companies have decided to go for the outsourcing solutions, in the IT arena in particular. This is mainly because of the nature of the processes, which require a lot of hands at some point, but as the implementation of new technological solutions evolves, tasks and processes are automated, therefore, less hands are required. However, not having the right hands, with the right knowledge, and the right disposition to fulfill, is a common reason why some companies doubt going this route.
In our years of experience, we’ve heard once and again how much disappointment and frustration outsourcing has caused to important projects in large companies. Phrases like, “I never speak to the same person, so we need to repeat again, and again what we are trying to accomplish”, or “our meetings are extremely late or early, we risk to misunderstand or not to think sharply”, even worse “we don’t understand each other!”. The good thing here is, there is a way out!
NearShore, combines the perfect ingredients to provide our customers with the right tools and skills to deliver IT projects. With NearShore, your meetings happen exactly when you are wide awake, and with a sharp mind, enabling to have productive discussions, meet agreements, and solve issues in real time, no need to wait until the next day. With Nearshore, attrition rates are way lower, this means a good part of your outsourced team will remain for as long as the project is completed, and a bit more. With NearShore, communication flows smoothly, we say what we do, and we do what we say, that SIMPLE!
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