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5 common integration problems: Apps Incompatibility

Integration is highly contingent on the apps you’d like to integrate.

There are legacy or packed apps that you cannot simply modify to couple with an integration solution.

It can’t be a “shotgun integration”. You will need something to connect and harmonize these apps.

At www.sintesys.us, our IT Professionals can help you to identify the compatible and incompatible apps in your IT Ecosystem so you be aware of the mitigation actions to reduce operational risk and increase the integration project success. We are specialized in 6 key technologies: #servicenow #salesforce #dynamics #java #bigdata #oracle

If you are an #itprofessional specialized in one of our technologies, or you are an #itmanager interested in reviewing our IT Pros list, send us an Inbox Message and we will be glad to be in touch with you.

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