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5 common integration problems: Long-distance Apps

Integrating geographically dispersed apps with a new platform, such as ServiceNow, could seem as next to impossible, but it is not!

To solve this problem, you will need a cloud-based connector that can be enable you to link all the long-distance apps without complex coding and in the quickest possible time.

At www.sintesys.us, our IT Professionals can help you to connect all your geographically dispersed apps using the most simple solution available to make your digital acceleration project a success experience.

We are specialized in 6 key technologies: #servicenow #dynamics #salesforce #bigdata #java #oracle

If you are an #itprofessional specialized in one of our technologies, or you are an #itmanager interested in reviewing our IT Pros list, send us an Inbox Message and we will be glad to be in touch with you.

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