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A strong business case is critical

When implementing ServiceNow or any other platform, it is critical to define a concrete and stable business case to run the service management program.

At the beginning of every project questions like: Why should the business carry out a new project? What benefits can be gained from it? And are the costs worthwhile? must be answered in the business case, to argue why the project would be beneficial, which costs, benefits and risks the new investment would have.

The benefit can be financial, but it can also consider other criteria such as workload or increased satisfaction. The decision makers can then approve or reject the project proposal.

At www.sintesys.us we work with IT Professionals who add value by provinding their experience solving the main answers that a project's business case must respond.

If you are an #itprofessional specialized in one of our 6 key technologies (#servicenow #salesforce #dynamics #java #bigdata #oracle), or you are an #itmanager interested in reviewing our IT Pros list, send us an Inbox Message and we will be glad to be in touch with you.

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