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Always look for consultants that add value

If you are decided to start a digital acceleration project, it is important that you identify where to find adequate expertise and knowledge to properly manage the project.

Even if the staff is operational expertise, they probably will need help in key project's activities, such as: guide the planning sessions, define financial viability, define the project plan or coordinate project’s activities.

A technical opinion of the IT Ecosystem and the needed amount of development hours are also part of the analysis that the company’s staff is not always ready to provide.

For these reasons, external support is commonly considered in digital acceleration projects.

However, a typical problem consists in working with external consultants who acted more as order takers, just doing what they were told to do by the client but didn’t add in their expertise around best practices to make sure it was the best approach and outcome for meeting objectives of all involved.

At www.sintesys.us we are committed with our clients to provide them with reliable IT professionals who provide value, through their expertise a

nd knowledge, in each project they participate.

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