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Be Conscient of Software Interoperation

When implementing a new platform, Software Interoperation is a critical issue to be considered thinking, at least, in the next 3 to 5 years, so key project milestones such as Service Improvement, ROI, Operational Continuity and Processes Stabilization are ensured.

As every component of the IT ecosystem support an specific –and sometimes core- part of the End to End process, the interaction among these components are critical to, for example, maintain the integrity of the information, ensure the workload assignation, achieve SLAs, ensure the Service and Operation Value Chain and, even, assess employees' performance.

Imagine a scenario where the IT team lately discovers that some components of the IT Ecosystem cannot be technically connected or operated in spite of a validated implementation plan, causing that current automated activities have to be done manually again. The entire implementation efforts can easily lose credibility among users and owners!

At www.sintesys,us we offer a complementary vision to our prospects and clients about their IT ecosystems before they validate the final version of an implementation plan.

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