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Lead Change with Minimal Resistance

Leading change is not easy, and IT Teams face this challenge when a new platform implementation is in place.

This is why IT personnel must be prepared to constantly communicate the rational for change and to repeat the message in order to gain users' support.

At www.sintesys.us we agree with Bruce Tompkins’ proposal to lead change with minimal resistance, and we stay beside our clients to design a change management strategy and to prepare IT staff to lead it. Here are some key points that all IT member should consider when dealing with users’ change resistance:

1. Explain the Change in a positive note: Change is for the best.

2. Be Accountable: Build trust, acknowledge mistakes and accept accountability.

3. Communicate and Engage: Ask questions, instead of issuing orders. Let people be part of the change!

4. Acknowledge and Motivate: Be genuine and sincere when giving praise, deliver praise as soon as possible, make it specific and publicly, if appropriate.

5. Set Expectations: Leaders must get people to believe they can change and chances are they will.

Finally, remember that leading change is challenging, it is a process, so give it enough time to mature!

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