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Legacy workflows are bad examples

ServiceNow is built on Enterprise Service Management best practices and the IT Infrastructure Library. That means that companies choosing the technology are adopting highly evolved automations and features.

Using legacy workflows that aren’t optimized for this environment may seem convenient at first, but will lead to larger headaches down the road when the two are out of sync.

Organizations should complete an intricate review of processes from old systems and rework workflows that add undue complexities, so they can get more rapid incident resolution with ServiceNow.

At www.sintesys.us we work with expert IT Professionals specialized in 6 niche technologies that understand and promote deep review of core processes before going on with a service management implementation to prevent process failures systematization.

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If you are an #itprofessional specialized in one of our 6 key technologies, or you are an #itmanager interested in reviewing our IT Pros list, send us an Inbox Message and we will be glad to be in touch with you.

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