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Users vs Customers

Sometimes the word "user" is specific—

words like buyer, seller or contributor aren't always inclusive enough. And it doesn't come down to putting people first, because "customer" is just as much about us as "user" is (whose customer? user of what?). t's not about what we call our users—it's about how we treat them.

Replacing "user" with "customer" isn't going to solve the empathy problems. Replacing "user" with "you" would probably be a better place to start.

If we want to give our people the respect they deserve, we need to put ourselves in their shoes. Referring to them as "people who purchase our products or services" probably won't make them feel any more loved and respected than referring to them as "people who use our products or services." Call me a user or call me a customer, but treat me like the human I am.

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