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Win the battle against the Goldfish Effect!

When implementing a new platform, IT teams logically deal with inherent problems and risks related to technology and process issues.

But what happen if they also have to deal with a lack of support from C-level Executives during the implementation time?

Just think on the Goldfish Effect, which affects all business decisions and support due to the amount of time an Executive needs to concentrate and focus to gain insight and make the best possible decision.

According to studies, the average attention span was 12 seconds in 2000. By 2013, that had dropped to 8 seconds of total concentration and processing power. Compare that to the average attention span of a goldfish, which is 9 seconds!

At www.sintesys.us we help IT directors and managers to plan an effective communication strategy so new platform's strategic value is not forgotten by C-level Executives as it fades as just another platform, maintaining Executive focus and increasing their support to IT teams to properly promote the digital acceleration process within the organization.

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