Service Outages Hit Profits

In a world of always-on smartphones and expectations that services are available all the time, today's enterprise is challenged to ensure availability of services. When business services- be they e-Commerce, Finance/Payroll, CRM or other- are disrupted, a company can be affected in two critical areas: cost and reputation. The CIO and the rest of the C-Suite care most about ensuring business services are available and issues affecting them do not affect the business.

Information technology looks very different today from just five years ago. cloud, mobility, and big data are changing the way IT operates, and ITSM solutions must change the way employees work today. Legacy systems are making it increasingly difficult to accommodate to today's and tomorrow's business demands.

Consumer application are setting the bar high for both phenomenal user experience as well as speed of delivery. Business leaders and employees are have come to expect the same kind experience at the workplace. Poorly designed, poorly integrated business services are putting more pressure on IT to change.

With the millennials becoming a majority in the workforce in 2015 – your employees are more tech savvy and they know they have choices. If IT is too slow to deliver on the business needs, they would look for alternatives in the form of "Shadow-IT". Recent research shows 20% in shadow IT spending in 2015.

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