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ServiceNow - The Enterprise Cloud Company

Enterprise Cloud & Strong Revenue Growth

ServiceNow is the enterprise cloud company. The cloud-based service modernizes and transforms the enterprise. Not only has ServiceNow taken the service management market by storm, it's also the fastest growing cloud company in the history of cloud. I'm not saying this to pat ourselves on the back- because we are a CERTIFIED PARTNER. This is important because it is a barometer of where large companies are investing.

We believe that IT is the backbone of the modern enterprise. Our customers are investing in cloudifying the enterprise. They are making every attempt to kill the help desk in favor of pushing the workflow to the requester. They are dis-intermediating service transactions with automation. And they are expanding service management into an enterprise discipline.

These are the reasons why ServiceNow has experienced such tremendous growth. Again, it's really an indicator of where the companies that view IT as a strategic competitive advantage are investing.

Global Enterprises from All Industries Rely on ServiceNow

Because IT is the backbone of all large enterprises, ServiceNow customer base has strong representation from all verticals. With that said, you are more likely to find ServiceNow in industries that view IT as core to their business. This is typically a derivative of IT staffing and budget which aligns to each industry. In these IT-centric industries, ServiceNow is a near standard. They view ServiceNow as much more than a service desk replacement - they rely on ServiceNow to modernize and transform not only IT, but the enterprise.


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