Life after living in the USA as an IT Professional

So, let’s say you are an IT professional in one of the best moments of your career, you get the “the golden ticket” to move to the USA to perform a fulfilling and exciting job. Say, you bring your family along, you give them as well the gift of developing and mastering a second language- none of which any bilingual school could ever provide-. Yes, you’ll meet super interesting people from all over. You can expose yourself to the very core of your skills, and you are successful. But.

The biggest concern now is… what next? What to do with all that? What will my life look like after going through this experience? We can confidently say: only good things!

Companies in both countries are always looking for committed, experienced, and bicultural professionals to solve their complex challenges all the time, and YOU will have all the skills, needed, so opportunities most likely will show up easily, you won’t even have to search, they will find you… who wouldn’t want THAT?

One of our outstanding benefits at Sintesys is the fact that after you are done with the initial project assignation, Sintesys in all likelihood will already have another new and thrilling project available to you, might be back in Mexico or still in the USA. Your life will never be the same, you’ll be a much experienced and stronger professional. Your next steps will only take you higher and closer to your professional goals!

Any other concerns or thoughts? Let us know! We are always looking for the right IT professional talent to GROW, LEARN, and EXCEL with us.

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