The Essential Checklist for Morernizing Customer Service

Ready to learn what it takes to modernize customer service? Our checklist unlocks key secrets to transforming your customer service function.

Does your customer service organization struggle with:

 Difficulty connecting all service processes end to end?

  • Silo-ed departments that don’t communicate with each other?
    • Time-consuming manual processes that leave little time
      for strategic projects?


Discover six strategies for modernizing customer service that will help overcome these common obstacles to fast, efficient service delivery.
From followers to leaders

Our checklist is informed by ServiceNow’s experience working with customer service leaders across a wide range of industries. Companies that excel at customer service tend to be:

  • Effective problem solvers able to correctly identify and resolve the root cause of recurring customer issues
  • Self service providers that empower customers to answer their own questions, allowing their customer service agents to focus on the more complex requests
  • Highly collaborative and able to engage different parts of the organization, partners, and customers in real time


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