Top 5 fails every IT Director can easily avoid.

We all know the IT director position typically carries tons of weight from shareholders and internal customers, say everybody needs IT to run smoothly, immediately and well… cheap.
We decided to do some research on the top 5 things IT directors do, that shouldn’t, and are not quite delivering the best out of their experience, their teams, and their budget.

1.- Customize applications for department instead of customize per process. We have repeatedly found that in the best interest of delivering an optimum response to internal customers, IT departments are requested to make “small” modifications to certain programs to simplify obtaining results. Well, this actually has much more impact than meets the eye, first of, programming modifications need to be looked at as the whole process impact, not just solving a quick query in the sales department. It is certainly understood that everything is connected, so it would be wiser if instead of jumping into rearranging, better look at the whole process and the impact on having “band-aids” everywhere. This in the mid-term translates into huge spending instead of good investment.

2.- Since when is technology inexpensive? And this includes the human side of it. It is easy for heads of other departments to try to lower technology budget, aka: outsource teams. Not because these extended manpower is, in reality, not part of the company, that does not mean at all that will represent savings. It means that projects are limited in time, and that human assets are just hired for these specifics. Sounds like obvious, right? Well… not for everyone for sure! So, make sure you get the right talents to fulfill your projects requirements instead of finding the lower cost side of consulting, trust us, it’s not a good idea in the end.

3.- Don’t let social clichés influence your decisions. Yes, we all know this world is changing, and some groups are taken for certain characteristics… but there is a deeper side of things when you take a closer look. Read about professional preparations and cultural backgrounds and decide for yourself where the best place to put your trust is… a hint here… your next-door neighbors are a much better choice than far away partnerships. See about parities instead of political views. Just a thought…

4.- Manage technological expectations within! All inside the company want the state-of-the-art technology and most of the time, this is not going to happen any time soon. IT department heads are challenged on working with what they have, that’s it. We see that successful companies work with old technologies. However, this does not necessarily mean they will stick to them forever. It is imperative that transitions to newer solutions are done smoothly, accurately, and are cost effective, while managing expectations within, that means: one step at a time!

5.- Don’t fail to communicate! The only way internal and external customers will understand and feel IT pain is by continuously communicate what’s going on. Take time to make a clear communication plan, so everyone is in the loop of things. Communication is key to success!

In conclusion, these are just things we have repeatedly found happens in the very complex IT world. Feel free to share any other easy to avoid failures in the field!

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