Why should you care about attrition rates?

Attrition rates are typically a topic that rarely comes up during negotiating with an IT outsourcing provider. Unfortunately, the reason why is because underneath all those great benefits offered with remote IT management, attrition is the one thing offshore outsourcing can’t still control. The reasons are many, but we are not talking about those here.

Talking about having your IT outsourced, it is encouraged to have this rate numbers up front. According to our customers -that elected to move from offshore to nearshore-, these are the reasons why all companies should ask – and care-:

- If your project is time sensitive, then you need to rely on the same team from start to end to assure
delivery schedules are met.
- Keeping the same team, will reduce the possibilities of data, or intellectual property loss.
- When team members change, the quality of service takes a hit.
- Continuous learning curves.

For these reasons, and more, at Sintesys NearShore, we are even able to offer a guarantee of our 4% or lower attrition rate, assuring your projects won’t suffer and your expectations are met.

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